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A fitter’s best friend

nivek industries

Nivek Industries is keeping workers safe and improving maintenance times with Big TED.

Safety and operational efficiency are closely linked. 

Workplace accidents can affect morale, put people out of work, and halt operations. Conversely, safety innovations in the workplace protect workers and keep the wheels of operation turning. 

And, in many instances, safety technology can improve operational efficiency by making work smoother and safer. 

This is precisely the function of Nivek Industries’ new larger Tracked Elevating Device – Big TED, for short. 

Big TED, which can lift and hold up to three tonnes of equipment, helps to make maintenance on mining vehicles safer and easier for workers.

The functional design of the Big TED  helps make the difficult, dangerous, time-consuming task of undertaking heavy component replacement or repair a thing of the past.

“With Big TED, you don’t need a crane or a forklift. Big TED will carry the load, lift it, and hold it in place while equipment is installed or uninstalled,” Nivek general manager Derrick Cant told Safe to Work.

With its highly responsive joystick-activated remote control, Big TED is taking on the manual handling aspect of maintenance work, protecting workers from related injuries. 

Remote control also means workers can keep clear while heavy components are being moved or lifted into position. 

The drive system on the Big TED comprises two independent 3.5kW infinite control electric drive motors, packing enough torque to ensure heavy loads can be carried across various types of terrain. 

The 24VDC 448Ah rechargeable battery system provides at least two hours of continuous operation.

Big TED also features a built-in side shift and powered turntable, which means workers don’t have to manually handle the load when lining up bolts. 

A tilt sensor reduces the risk of overbalancing, and load cells incorporated into the table notify operators of overloading. 

Big TED also features dual emergency stops on the machine and remote control, which means it can come to a halt with the push of a button.

All of these features come together to create a machine that reduces manual handling, removes workers from the line of fire, and makes overall maintenance far more efficient. 

Nivek’s customers are enjoying faster maintenance times with Big TED, the company said, allowing better turnaround on vital machinery for mine sites. 

“Anything that is less physically demanding on an employee is going to translate to a safer workplace and minimal downtime,” Cant said.

“They’re saving so much time for the operators out there. We’ve heard that already our customers are seeing an increase in safety and efficiency; they’re just really happy with the quality and the benefits of Big TED.”

One area in which Big TED truly shines is its versatility, helping customers meet their specific maintenance requirements. Big TED can be fitted with a range of attachments to carry just about anything. 

Attachments can be designed for applications such as haul truck front hub and brake discs, drill rig fuel tanks, front loader belly plates, and grader tyres, to name a few. 

And what Nivek Industries doesn’t already offer, it custom designs and builds at the request of its customers. 

“The true value of Big TED is in the attachments, which allow it to do multiple tasks. It’s a versatile machine you can use every day for different jobs,” Cant said. 

“If you need something that can tilt a component to a certain angle or roll something into a certain position, we can build that into the attachment.” 

Whether mine sites are looking to improve worker safety or improve maintenance turnaround, Big TED can help. 

This feature also appears in the May-June issue of Safe to Work.

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