A2K Technologies leads the tech world in helping manufacturers maintain smart distancing

The manufacturing industry will need to adapt and implement different working practices to manage the current restrictions of social distancing.

It’s important too that they can effectively manage any future global pandemics. If workers in factories and workshops cannot continue to work on-site it will have a major effect on the economy and the unemployment rate.

iTWOsafe is a solution designed to enable the safety of workers and for the employer to understand what breaches have occurred and how they have occurred. Changing work processes, supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) and training people can greatly reduce the likelihood of spreading disease.

The other added benefit of iTWOsafe is that it suits a wide range of businesses including processing plants, mines, construction sites, retail, commercial property, warehousing and more.

For more information visit www.clouda2k.com/itwosafe

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