ABB strengthens safety in hoist operations

Switzerland-headquartered technology company ABB has launched a suite of mine hoist safety products that improves personnel and equipment safety in the mining industry.

The products fall under ABB Ability Safety Plus for hoists, which include Safety Plus Hoist Monitor, Safety Plus Hoist Protector and Safety Plus Brake System, featuring safety brake hydraulics.

The brake system is a safety integrity level three system that will increase the safety of workers who ride mine hoists, as well as the safety of the equipment, hoist and shaft infrastructure.

It also handles the application of the safety brakes during emergency stops and the prevention of brake lift.

The Safety Plus Hoist Monitor, on the other hand, monitors the instrumentation used by workers who access or use the hoist from different levels.

The Safety Plus Hoist Protector interfaces with the safety brake system to keep the hoist to a safe state.

According to ABB global product line manager for hoisting, Oswald Deuchar, this is a significant mine hoist safety milestone, representing a world first for fully certified safety integrity level three hoisting.

“These products are ready-made safety solutions, which are exhaustively tested in house, and designed for tough mine environments,” he said.

ABB has designed the products in accordance with the international safety of machinery standard (IEC62061) and received an independent certification from the Research Institute of Sweden.

The company has installed more than 1000 hoisting solutions globally.

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