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Atlas Iron awarded world-first safety rating

In a world-first for the mining industry, Atlas Iron’s Sanjiv Ridge iron ore site in WA has been awarded the WELL Health-Safety Rating.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an annual rating that seeks to empower business owners and operators to prioritise the health and safety of their staff, visitors and stakeholders.

Atlas Iron, a Hancock Prospecting company, now has the honour of being the first mine site in the world to be awarded the rating.

“(This) reinforces our commitment to prioritising the health, safety and comfort of our people,” Hancock Operations chief executive officer (CEO) Gerhard Veldsman said.

“Championed by our executive chairman Gina Rinehart, and previous-Atlas CEO, now Atlas board member, Sanjiv Manchanda, achieving this certification demonstrates that we are putting the wellbeing of our people first, both on site and within the village facilities.”

The rating is a subset of the WELL Building Standard, pioneered by Delos, which sets pathways for implementing health-first strategies to support physical and mental health.

“We are proud to be leading the charge on implementing this in a non-urban and remote location,” Veldsman said. “A world first which we are excited to soon extend across Atlas’ other sites.”

The rating is made up of six action areas: cleaning and sanitisation procedures, emergency preparedness programs, health service resources, air and water quality management, stakeholder engagement and communication and innovation.

“Achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating means a safer, healthier, and more satisfying work environment for employees, with clear benefits such as reduced health risks, improved wellbeing, and a positive workplace culture,” Atlas non-executive chairman Spiro Pappas said.

“It reinforces our commitment to our employees’ health and safety. We are proud of Atlas, and proud of the efforts of our employees. Larger corporations tend to treat their projects and even staff, as numbers. Here at Atlas, we don’t.”

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