ARC Skid facilitates personal communication on site

Aqura Products and Engineering has introduced a communications solution for remote mine workers in small camps that supports performance and wellbeing.

The solution, Autonomous Remote Communications (ARC) Skid, provides connectivity through an industrial grade Wi-Fi access point with just three buttons in under three minutes.

The onboard firewall is complete with content management and tracking satellite system, making it a safe and secure device.

Aqura chief operating officer Alan Seery said that unlike other communication solutions on the market, Aqura had added further value by balancing business communication needs and giving remote workers the ability to connect with their loved ones at the end of the work day.

During work hours, ARC Skid provides a corporate wireless connection for operational needs with VPN connection back to the office.

At the end of the working day, users can turn on an alternative Wi-Fi network to allow separate, managed access for personal use.

“We know that satellite in remote areas is a precious resource which means it’s typically business only use,” Seery said.

“We knew there was a better way which would balance business needs with providing remote workers the ability to connect to loved ones at the end of the day.”

ARC Skid is designed to be operational fast, and the fully automated satellite dish ensures high-quality connection, unlike conventional manually aligned dishes that can provide a less optimal connection.

The communications cabinet is air-conditioned and guarded by an enterprise grade firewall for user comfort and security.

The content management platform and site distribution is handled by a weatherproof industrial wireless access point, mounted on a six-metre electric lift mast.

“We’re really happy with the way the ARC Skid has been received and really happy to know that technology can not only enhance business productivity in remote areas but address the gap to improve wellbeing of extreme remote workers when they are away from home,” Seery said.

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