Timothy Bond

Safe to Work March–April: Fatigue management

While the machines at a mining operation can run around the clock without issue, workers aren’t so lucky. Things like long hours, remote workplaces, and fly-in, fly-out work can make mine workers susceptible to fatigue, and the associated safety issues can be disastrous. Read More
electricity, electrical safety, mine Image: Shutterstock / YouraPechkin

Safe to Work January–February: Electrical safety

From recharging vehicles to powering workers’ accommodation, electricity is a fundamental part of any mining operation. And with the industry transitioning away from fossil fuels, the role of electricity will continue to grow – and the importance of safety will grow along with it. Electricity can present a significant hazard to workers. Shocks and burns from contact with live wires, fires caused by an electrical fault, and power surges are just a few of the risks. Read More