Automation to bring great benefits to employment

The benefits of mine digitisation on the workforce are more positive than some people might have realised, considering the removal of work conditions associated with fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work, recruitment services provider Fircroft suggests.

According to the ‘2019 Mining Industry Outlook’ report by Fircroft, automation will lead to the removal of workers from the mine surface.

Workers can go home to their families each night, eliminating the anguish and pressure FIFO work can have on mental health and relationships.

This does not mean that robots will replace workers on mine sites.

With over 400 active mines in Australia, only a small percentage of them use remotely controlled machines – there will still be demand for existing skills.

When facing a skills shortage, mine automation can represent a great way to bring fresh talent in the industry, says Fircroft account manager Nathan Lovick.

“This news should be especially favourable to millennials and the generations that follow who are technologically savvy,” Lovick says.

Some companies are looking to get a jump on hiring competition from oil and gas companies and the civil infrastructure sector, triggering an increase in the demand for contract and permanent employees as soon as this year.

“Work smarter to create innovative candidate attraction strategies to maximise effectiveness of your recruitment,” Lovick says.

“When engaging recruitment agencies, don’t be afraid to shop around to make sure your agency has the track record and capabilities that you need.”

Mining companies are encouraged to use multiple different streams in attracting suitable candidates, as the old-fashioned method of job advertisements will decrease in effectiveness.

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