Bend-tech brings the efficiency


Bend-tech is giving its customers safer products in a more efficient way.

Bend-tech is the leading end-to-end provider when it comes to certified safe solutions for the mining industry. Enabling customers to do it all is what the company does best.

Bend-tech delivers intelligent design and custom-certified safety systems, industrial solutions and steel products to the mining, fabrication, marine, defence and oil and gas industries – across Australia and around the world.

Through constant innovation, collaboration and a deep understanding of its customers, Bend-tech is able to deliver a high-quality experience.

Bend-tech marketing manager Rhys Werndly said the company offers a range of certified and engineered solutions for safety and efficiency, and manufacture these in house as well.

“We offer that end-to-end design, engineering, and fabrication solution. That could be anything from access platforms for plant or machinery, it could be equipment or material racking, or it could be lifting and materials handling equipment,” Werndly said.

“We also do a range of standard parts or replacement parts for mining equipment. Handrails, panels and fenders and all that kind of thing as well.

“One of our team might go to site and scope a problem and bring back the information to create a solution. Or it could be a standard solution that can be done remotely just like any kind of B2B (business to business) sales process.”

With a team of in-house designers, engineers and consultants who go on-site to gather information, and a design team that develops a concept around that information, Bend-tech then manufactures the products itself.

All Bend-tech products are designed, engineered and certified to Australian standards, ensuring the safety of the operators and the machinery.

“With certification, products have to be able to withstand three times mor

e than is required. So, if a product needs to lift something that is two tonnes, it needs to be capable of lifting six tonnes,” Werndly said.

“It creates peace of mind in the guarantee of safety. So, the personnel on-site are using something that is designed and fit for purpose. That’s the key.”

What sets Bend-tech apart is that it does it all.

“It’s all handled with us. There’s a range of advantages for that. For the client, they can say ‘here sort this problem out for us’, which is something we love doing.

“That’s why we’ve got such loyal customers and have for years, and we’ll continue to do so,” Werndly said.

“But also, for us that means we have a range of IP that we can sell again and again, so the thing that sets us apart is that end-to-end solution. That’s the key advantage against our competitors that do offer similar solutions.”

Bend-tech is giving its customers safer products in a more efficient way, eliminating the need for multiple companies.

“Efficiency is our big thing and through designing, engineering and manufacturing safe equipment, that then drives efficiency. Because people can operate with confidence knowing that they’re using equipment that is fit for purpose,” Werndly said.

“We want to make sure our customers and potential customers are using equipment that is that is going to make sure they get home at the end of the day, especially when you’re talking about lifting and handling large equipment.

“Everything that we do is certified and complies with Australian standards. So, if it can’t be certified and or it can’t be compliant, then we won’t provide it.”

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