Bis claims Trifecta and EDGE3 an AI winner

Resource logistics company Bis has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that it developed to improve driver safety.

Believed to be an industry first, the system, named Trifecta, has been developed with EDGE3 Technologies and provides real-time monitoring of driver behaviour and fatigue through an on-board real-time AI system.

The system collects, analyses and reports driver behaviours such as drowsiness, mobile phone use, smartwatch use, smoking, seatbelt and other violations.

Trifecta then “learns” over time to pre-empt high-risk incidents through alerts to drivers and supervisors.

Bis has exclusive rights to use and sell the system across a range of markets, with the immediate focus on Australia and South East Asia.

Bis chief executive officer Brad Rogers said the safety outcomes Trifecta has generated speak for themselves.

“Since Trifecta’s deployment across our fleet, driver infractions have decreased precipitously,” he said.

“Incident rates involving smoking breaches while driving and system tampering have decreased to zero, as have seatbelt breaches.

“Instances of mobile phone distractions have consistently trended downwards in the region of 80 per cent.”

Trifecta identifies positive driver behaviours, such as in-cabin cleaning and properly entering and exiting the truck.

Operators who consistently demonstrate high levels of professionalism and competency are formally recognised and celebrated.

Rogers said Trifecta represents the gold standard for driver behaviour monitoring.

“It is the latest innovation we have collaborated on to make our operations the safest they can possibly be,” he said.

EDGE3 founder and chief executive officer Tarek El Dokor said his company’s goal has been to mitigate distracted and drowsy driver behaviours via a new generation of product offerings for in-cabin technologies.

“EDGE3’s Vision AI capabilities and product offerings represent the future of in-cabin analytics across the industry,” he said.

“Accurate AI understanding of positive and risky driver and occupant behaviours is the cornerstone for enhancing safety.

“We are delighted to work closely with Bis. We have had a great relationship for a number of years and look forward to its continued growth.”

As part of its relationship with EDGE3, a world leader in driver monitoring and occupant behaviour analysis, Bis pioneered the software in its own operations over the past three years.

Bis provides haulage, materials handling, specialised equipment hire, automation and value chain solutions for customers across more than 50 sites throughout Australia and Indonesia.

EDGE3 is a leading supplier of in-cabin AI and Vision Analytics products for the automotive, transportation and logistics industries.

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