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Bollé Safety launches new TRYON range of safety glasses

Bollé Safety has launched its new TRYON range of safety glasses.

Two main types are available: TRYON safety glasses, which offer a good balance of style and performance and TRYON OTG (over-the-glasses version), which emphasise maximum coverage.

All types across the range include PLATINUM anti-fog, anti-scratch coating for the polycarbonate lenses, co-injected 160° Flex technology (for the arms), and a non-slip adjustable bridge.

All glasses in the base TRYON range are also available in four opacities: clear, smoke, blue flash and CSP, an ‘all-rounder’ lens that alternates exposure to bright light and low lights. TRYON OTG glasses are available in clear and smoke tints.

Bollé Safety TRYON with blue flash tint.
Bollé Safety TRYON with CSP tint.



Clear lenses have the highest light transmittance range (80–100 per cent), followed by CSP (43–88 per cent), flash (18–43 per cent) and smoke (8–18 per cent), ensuring wide flexibility for users.

Bollé’s PLATINUM anti-fog coating ensures further reliability across clear, CSP and smoke types, making sure the glasses are highly scratch resistant and fog resistant, while blue flash TRYON glasses come with a specialised hard coating.

Bollé Safety TRYON with smoke tint.



TRYON OTG ultra-cover wraparound glasses are designed as an over-the-glasses solution that can be worn with most prescription spectacles. The range includes flexible upper forehead protection (TPR), a wraparound frame and adjustable and stretchable co-injected temples ensuring precision of fit and maximised coverage.


Bollé Safety TRYON OTG with clear tint.


Bollé Safety TRYON OTG with smoke tint.



In addition, a third model, TRYON RX prescription glasses are due for release in the near future through Bollé Safety’s RX program. Featuring a series of stylish frames with integrated 8 base side shields, this range of prescription models utilises advanced coatings (including Bollé Zen anti-blue light coating).

In addition, all models can be fitted with optional Bollé Safety UNIVSTRAP straps. Overall, the new line of TRYON and TRYON OTG glasses add to the Bollé mantra that “vision has no limits.”

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