Bollé Safety minimises workplace hazards with lens technology

Workplace safety should particularly focus on protection for the eyes, which are at a high risk at mine sites. Safe to Work speaks with Bollé Safety about the importance of using polarised lenses.

A topographical map of Australia shows that a considerable portion of the country is comprised of desert territories.

These regions reach high temperatures throughout the year. When facing a 40 degrees Celsius temperature, workers experience compounding levels of heat emanating from the equipment they use and the physical work itself, coupled with the impact from the bright sun.

When workers are mining and operating machinery above ground, while dealing with the reflection of water, the road and other surfaces, having clear vision allows them to keep control over the working environment, according to Bollé Safety sales territory manager in Western Australia, Wade Mardon.

In addition, he says the intense light and glare can reduce an eye’s visibility when working outdoors, posing risks to worker injury and for general safety.

“Polarisation, however, will provide you with the best protection for your eyes, which are your most vulnerable organs,” Mardon tells Safe to Work.

“Polarised lens technology is the best protection you can get for your eyes. It eliminates glare and reflection, whether you’re operating machinery, working on roads, over water or in very high glare environments.

“Eliminating the glare in your eye reflection gives you maximum benefit when you’re tired or when your eyes are strained. The technology eliminates all forms of solar radiation and is the only product you want to wear outdoors.”

All safety polarised lenses designed by Bollé Safety are injection moulded, which means they’re optically precise and have a polarised film that is embedded into the lenses. This ensures the lenses won’t wear off.

Bollé Safety has designed its latest polarised glasses, Mercuro, to not only ensure worker safety, but also improve their productivity.

Mercuro is an ultra-modern, wrapped around, stealth looking design that features Bollé Safety’s superior anti-scratch coding.

“The big point of difference with our glasses is that just having a laminated film, without polarisation that’s injection moulded or embedded into polycarbonate, may scratch off. You are getting maximum benefit from injected mould lenses,” Mardon says.

Polarisation also improves colour perception, visual comfort and the view of contrast and depth, according to Mardon.

Bollé Safety considers the mining industry’s need to work in dusty environments by providing a variety of lens options, including mirror lenses and a dust field version, which come in 14 frame designs.

The sealed versions of Bollé Safety’s polarised range is suitable for a high-dust environment as they eliminate the risk of airborne particles coming in to the eyes.

The stylish mirror lenses, on the other hand, are suitable for areas where there is potential for low light, giving clearer vision to see objects.

Simply put, “We like to complete our range by innovation and technology,” Mardon says.

“We’ve gone from a harder based frame material to the latest in comfort and soft texture, which is critically important for someone who is wearing glasses during eight to 12-hour shifts.

“Mercuro gives constant assurance that workers will be protected without having to sacrifice their comfort. These glasses are designed to hold straps and feature co-moulded side arms to provide comfort around the back of the ears and the temples.

“We strive to make more modern designs and we understand it’s also a fit-for-purpose product – it can fit all head shapes.”

The polarised glasses are developed with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material, which is made up of a combination of rubber and plastic, giving it a very soft texture.

Its flexible, non-slip material is resistant to extreme temperatures, impact and vibrations. This revolutionary material makes the product innovative, according to Mardon. 

The frames come in a variety of different colours that make up a unisex range. End users are guaranteed to experience ultimate satisfaction, thanks to Mercuro’s universal fit.

“Mercuro is a fit-for-purpose product that offers style, fashion, performance, reliability and comfort,” Mardon says.

“We’ve been servicing the mining and resources industry to understand user comfort, industry requirements and risk areas.”

Bollé Safety protective eyewear is distributed and worn in many parts of the world, proving its position as a global manufacturer of quality eyewear with an extensive eyewear range.

Maintenance is made very simple. The glasses can be cleaned with soapy water then dried with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. However, Bollé Safety B-Clean products are available to clean more effectively.

This article also appears in the October–December edition of Safe to Work.

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