Bollé Safety targets ‘smaller’ market with latest range

As eye safety in the workplace becomes an increasingly important issue, Bollé Safety’s Silex+ Small allows for maximum protection with a focus on comfort and fashion.

Safety glasses have traditionally come in one size fits all. However, with so many different face shapes, it can be difficult to find a perfect pair.

If the safety eyewear does not fit your face correctly, leaving larger gaps between your face and the glasses, it may allow debris to enter the eye or distort the vision which can lead to an injury.

In fact, according to Prevent Blindness, 90 per cent of eye injuries could be avoided by wearing the correct eye protection. That’s why Bollé Safety has produced the Silex+ Small range.

Specifically developed for smaller and narrower faces, this model adopts all the features of the Silex+ model, just in a smaller fit. Suitable for all industries, this model combines superior protection with style.

Bollé Safety Australia national business development manager Craig Yuile says Silex+ Small is designed to fit those with smaller-sized heads and faces.

“People’s heads can come in a million different sizes, so we have added the Small version to the range to fit a number of different face shapes and sizes, particularly for ladies and even for kids,” Yuile says.

“Silex+ has been around now for a few years and the Small is an extension to that range.”

Yuile says the Small range will provide additional eye safety to those in the industry with smaller or leaner face sizes.

“If the glasses are too big for a face you will get exposed across the top of the frame, underneath and around the side. With the smaller frame it will give a better fit to smaller or narrower face sizes,” he says.

“Therefore, people won’t have to remove the eyewear exposing themselves to a risk.”

Yuile says the importance of protecting the eyes is paramount and emphasises that if you lose your eyesight, you don’t get it back.

“With the likes of your hearing you can get aids to assist you as you get older, but with eyes you only get two and if you do any damage to them in any way, shape or form, you can effectively lose your sight for life,” he says.

“But over the years we, as a dedicated manufacturer of eyewear, have seen the importance of having a myriad of different options, whether it be specs, goggles, face shields or accessories, and that is why we try to introduce new products on a regular basis and that is why the Silex+ Small has come onto the market.”

“We have worked to make our products as comfortable as possible for all shapes and sizes because the last thing you want to do is take your glasses off and expose yourself to risk.”

According to Bollé Safety, the main reasons cited by those injured by not wearing the correct eye protection are:


Pressure, pinching and falling off can be a nightmare for workers, resulting in headaches and localised pain and risks caused by rearranging eyewear instead of focussing on the job.


Distorted view, heavy scratching and fogging are all common occurrences in standard eyewear. Poor visibility is a risk, so wearers tend to take off the offending eyewear to see what they’re doing.

Fit and style

Another factor that influences the use of PPE, especially noted among the younger audience, is the style of the eyewear as well as having choices of a particular style at the workplace.

Safety glasses can be large and unattractive and make the wearer self-conscious. As a result, wearers are reluctant to wear such unattractive eyewear and will ‘forget’ or simply refuse to wear it when needed.

As a result, many workers argue that eye protection is simply unnecessary at that moment, and the risk of injury increases.

Bollé Safety focuses on reducing these objections by manufacturing high-quality eyewear that is comfortable, attractive, and treated with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for prolonged visibility.

The latest range comes in a variety of lens colours.



“In my time with Bollé, which is just over Eight years, there are three things that people consistently ask; do they scratch, do they fog and what do they look like?” Yuile says.

“If they don’t look good or if they don’t look attractive then people don’t want to wear them, or they will remove the glasses.

“One of the things that Bollé prides itself on is making sure we produce an attractive and comfortable product that people will want to wear.”

Yuile says the latest offering from Bollé Safety features a range of benefits that both protects the wearer and makes the eyewear as comfortable and practical as possible which includes:

Technical benefits

The Silex+ premium model guarantees its users comfort thanks to its bi-material FLEX 160 degrees PC/TPR temples, which adapts perfectly to most head size and ensures a pressure-free perfect fit.

It allows for advanced protection from flying particles, dust and dirt while an optional retainer strap is also available.

PLATINUM lens coating

Coated with its exclusive PLATINUM coating on both sides of the lens, Silex+ ensures optimum vision, protected from fogging and scratches, even in extreme environments.

Furthermore, Silex+’s panoramic field of vision and its frameless design allow for greater peripheral vision and enhanced safety.

Lens colour options

When choosing eye protection one of the first questions to consider is whether they are for indoor or outdoor use, as this helps to determine which lens is best: tinted or clear.

CSP lenses allow for working indoors and out.

Available in three different colours: clear for indoors, smoke for outdoors and comfort sensitivity perception (CSP) for both, Silex+ offers versatility as well as optimal protection in all environments.

Comfort sensitivity perception

CSP (comfort sensitivity perception) is a revolutionary lens coating that provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays as well as blue light.

This innovative coating is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light, while also being suitable for extreme hot and cold temperature environments.

Silex+ Small comes in a variety of temple colours and lens options. With clear, smoke and CSP lenses, the latest product meets all company needs for eye protection at work under various lighting conditions: indoors, outdoors or with alternate exposure to bright and low light.

“All Bollé products are tested and approved to the Australian standard and we are really excited about adding the Silex+ Small to that range,” Yuile says.

“What we want to do at Bollé for those that wear our products is to make sure their eyes are protected and they have them for life.”

This article also appears in the July issue of Safe To Work.

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