Bowen Rail funds new bike track

bowen rail

Bowen Rail Company will fully fund the first stage of a new bike track in Collinsville.

Construction of the track will begin in April, with project completion scheduled for May. The circuit is designed for user to apply a ‘push-and-pull’ technique over rollers, jumps and berms rather than simple cycling.

Bowen Rail Company general manager Brendan Lane said the business was excited to see the asset built.

“We wanted the construction of the Carmichael Rail Network to leave a positive legacy in Collinsville beyond the significant economic benefits of employing locals and awarding contracts to local businesses, or having rail workers spend their wage in local hotels, stores, and pubs,” he said.

“Better playground equipment and new and more diverse activities for older kids were two things that resonated loudly in the 2021 Collinsville masterplan, and the pump track is a perfect fit.”

Whitsunday Regional Council capital program and network planning director Adam Hagy said the team is confident that the track will be fun and challenging for young and old.

“Naturally, stage one is most suitable for beginners and intermediates to get a foothold as stages two through four come online,” he said.

“The timing of stages two through four will be subject to future budgets, and incremental development will ensure the facility grows with the community.”

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