• Conveying a safer approach

    July 29, 2021 0 comment

    Diacon Australia is a pioneer of plastic conveyor guards in Australia and has continued to remain a cut above competing products for conveyor systems.

  • Resolve in the face of adversity

    July 21, 2021 0 comment

    Driver fatigue is one of the most dangerous risks to worker safety on our roads. Liebherr-Australia’s Brandon Robinson-Smith tells Safe to Work about how he turned a life-changing experience into an inspiring lesson for the mining industry. 

  • Safety with a dash of innovation

    July 20, 2021 0 comment

    thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has maintained a strong foothold in the mining industry backed by a track record of delivering safe and forward-thinking products that stem from the culture of its employees.

  • Bollé Safety targets ‘smaller’ market with latest range

    July 20, 2021 0 comment

    As eye safety in the workplace becomes an increasingly important issue, Bollé Safety’s Silex+ Small allows for maximum protection with a focus on comfort and fashion.

  • Driver fatigue / distraction / behavioural technology can save more than lives

    July 20, 2021 0 comment

    With industries embracing Australia’s Driver fatigue / distraction  / behavioural management strategy, LSM Technologies is leading the way with its Australian designed and developed innovative products and solutions.

  • Heart tech on the pulse of mine workers

    July 15, 2021 0 comment

    CardioScan’s services and technology are enabling remote mining operations to access state-of-the-art cardiology solutions. 

  • Maximising performance from existing networks

    July 15, 2021 0 comment

    Sepura’s AutoMate application uses enhanced features to keep workers in constant contact and improve on-site safety and operations in the workplace.

  • More than a ‘spray and pray’ environmental solution

    July 12, 2021 0 comment

    Erizon’s six-step process to mine rehabilitation ensures the most efficient and effective way to meet remediation requirements.

  • A helping hand for hands-on maintenance

    July 6, 2021 0 comment

    Nivek Industries now offers the Hytorc attachment tool for Hytorc’s hydraulic bolting tools, enabling safer maintenance while keeping workers’ hands out of the line of fire.

  • Suspicious fire under the microscope

    July 6, 2021 0 comment

    Fire Forensics has a reputation as a capable team of fire and explosion investigators in Australia and globally, with a job at a major coal mine in Mozambique opening a can of worms that the company was determined to solve.

  • Fighting cancer with Aussie gold

    July 5, 2021 0 comment

    Gold Industry Group member Evolution Mining has partnered with The University of Queensland to propel the use of gold nano sensors in early cancer detection and research into long haul COVID-19 immune response.

  • Tools for life

    June 29, 2021 0 comment

    When Tim Hellmers, Key Account Manager at Tridon Australia, attends tradeshows to showcase Tridon’s range of professional tools and hardware, he is often approached by people sharing with him stories about their favourite plier – the KNIPEX pliers. “People come to me and say how their KNIPEX plier, which they bought 20 years ago as … Continue reading Tools for life

  • Nivek enhances Lift Assist 40

    June 28, 2021 0 comment

    Nivek Industries has stayed true to its motto of “from concept to completion, our focus is making fitters’ lives safer and easier” with the development of its Lift Assist 40 system. Safe to Work speaks with the company about how its new Hytorc holder attachment further enhances the Lift Assist system’s capabilities.

  • Investing in the next generation of leaders

    June 7, 2021 0 comment

    The Gold Industry Group is sharing the gold mining sector’s strong focus on sustainability, starting from the education of young students across Australia. 

  • Kinder delivers seal of approval

    June 4, 2021 0 comment

    To prevent hazardous liquid and bulk solid leakages, Kinder Australia’s K-Magna Range provides exceptional, quick and easy repair for worn-out steel equipment in a mining plant. 

  • Enjoying the benefits of sustainable cleaning

    May 24, 2021 0 comment

    As companies worldwide look for ways to improve sustainability in their workplace, one company has already been leading the charge with innovations on environmentally sustainable and toxic-free cleaning products for the industrial sector.

  • Mobile cinema rolls into isolated communities

    May 18, 2021 0 comment

    Support has come to several hard-to-reach communities in Western Australia in the form of a travelling cinema that is strengthening social bonds. Vanessa Zhou writes.

  • Electrification drives safer, streamlined operations

    May 17, 2021 0 comment

    State of Play’s Electric Mine Consortium has coalesced several facets of mining to encourage an emission-free and safer future for the industry. Nickolas Zakharia writes.

  • Prospect Awards return to Brisbane in 2021

    May 17, 2021 0 comment

    The Prospect Awards have been a mainstay in Australia’s resources industry for close to two decades, showcasing local mining and METS companies that are pushing towards a more forward-thinking and efficient future. 

  • Dialling up workplace safety and culture

    May 12, 2021 0 comment

    Fenner Dunlop general manager of safety, training & technical Vicki Wust has enjoyed a fulfilling career highlighted by how she has accelerated greater safety awareness and skills at the company.