• Mining goes on a safety journey

    November 25, 2020 0 comment

    The mining sector has experienced a shift change over the last 30 years in respect to incident response, personal protective equipment, and most recently COVID-19. Safe to Work speaks with Northern Star Resources’ occupational health and safety manager (corporate), David Mccutcheon, about the change.

  • Fenner Dunlop takes safety procedures full circle

    November 23, 2020 0 comment

    Fenner Dunlop’s highest priority has always been safety due to the exposure its workers have to hazardous equipment and work environments. Safe to Work finds out how Fenner Dunlop has put the focus on its people to ensure safe operations.

  • Remote support drives a new way of working

    November 19, 2020 0 comment

    ABB has developed an enhanced modus operandi that accelerates the detection and resolution of equipment failures at remote mine sites. Safe to Work explores the wonders of ABB Ability Remote Insights.

  • An eye for (the safety of) eyes in mining

    November 16, 2020 0 comment

    Personal Protective Equipment has been designed with the primary focus to reduce injuries. Safe to Work speaks with Australian experts about the evolution and importance of PPE in mine sites.

  • Dust exposure mitigation controls for fixed and mobile plant cabins

    November 16, 2020 0 comment

    Safe to Work speaks with LSM managing director Peter Woodford about how the company is helping miners breathe easier, providing operator comfort and ensuring their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system lasts longer with cabin filtration and pressuriser technologies.

  • Miners benefit from safety-first electrical cleaning solution

    November 12, 2020 0 comment

    When considering safety at a mine or quarry site, protecting electrical components plays an important role in preventing potential hazards for the workers. As dust and dirt build up on electrical components, it makes the maintenance tasks a challenge in the absence of a suitable cleaning solution.

  • Lyons leads the way in ISO cabin standards

    November 11, 2020 0 comment

    Airborne dust particles can cause short-term impact on mining productivity and long-term impacts on workers’ health. Safe to Work speaks to Lyons Airconditioning Services about how it combines its Australian knowledge with Sy-Klone’s global reach to lead the way in dust control.

  • Managing cabin dust: New standard outlines steps to improve health

    November 9, 2020 0 comment

    With International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 23875 expected to be published in early 2021, Safe to Work provides a first look at the new standard with insight from the ISO working group chairperson Jeff Moredock.

  • Super-activate water tackles finest dust particles

    November 9, 2020 0 comment

    Global Road Technology has pioneered a dust suppression chemistry that is effective against coal dust in longwall and continuous miner operations.

  • Real-time asset availability becomes an affordable goal

    November 6, 2020 0 comment

    Ctrack demonstrates that tracking assets is a means to many ends not limited to improving safety, project control, productivity and efficiency. All of this comes with the release of the Ctrack Asset range.

  • Miners act on unacceptable dust exposures

    November 2, 2020 0 comment

    While the focus for many has been on the reduction of dust exposure limits across Australia, experts from Australia’s leading professional association for occupational hygienists challenge the mining sector to shift its attention to the effectiveness of dust controls implemented in the workplace.

  • JSG Industrial Systems: Improving equipment fire outcomes

    November 2, 2020 0 comment

    As a frontline safety product in the mining industry, Muster fire suppression systems aim to protect operators and assets. JSG Industrial Systems reveals how the Muster product is embracing new technologies to attain safer mine operations.

  • Kal Tire Ultra Repair slashes mining’s environmental footprint

    November 2, 2020 0 comment

    Repairing damaged off-the-road tyres from mining vehicles has historically been limited to traditional repair methods with many repairable tyres often discarded to landfill. Kal Tire discusses the steps it is taking to save hundreds of tyres from going to waste.

  • Kal Tire keeps the diversity wheel turning

    October 26, 2020 0 comment

    The tyre industry has traditionally been male dominated, with female workers most commonly seen in administration roles. Kal Tire is breaking down the barriers and hiring the best workers for the job, male or female.

  • Newcrest Mining crushes goals with PI System

    October 21, 2020 0 comment

    Producing more gold isn’t just a matter of working harder. Newcrest Mining has to delve deeper underground and explore increasingly remote parts of the world to meet their goals.

  • The evolution of remote mine workers

    October 19, 2020 0 comment

    Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group have led the emerging norm of working remotely from mine sites. Safe to Work takes a closer look at each company’s metropolitan-based operations centres.