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Custom fire suppression solutions for mining

There’s an exhaustively long list of potential fire risks in any mining setting. Overheating or malfunctioning equipment such as excavators, loaders, or crushers; electrical systems operating in damp environments; friction and sparks near stockpiles of combustible materials – the list goes on. Read More
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Global Road Technology showcases groundbreaking methods to protect miners

Dust suppression specialists Global Road Technology (GRT) and its Australian distribution partner TotalEnergies Marketing Australia this week shone a spotlight on the dangers to workers of particulate pollution generated by underground coal mining. Read More
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Safe to Work September–October: Dust suppression

When it comes to mining, you don’t always find the resource you’re looking for. But what you do get – no matter the ore – is dust. On a mine site, it’s as inevitable as the sunrise. Read More

A head to toe guide to PPE

Making sure people get home safe every day is the number one priority for any Australian mining organisation. Zero harm should be the standard, not the goal, because every injury is preventable. Why does
Read More