Caterpillar enhances operator safety with Next Generation truck

Caterpillar has continued a 35-year tradition with the announcement of the newest 785 mining truck, the Next Generation Cat 785, which will be available from 2021.

The Next Generation Cat 785 enhances operator safety and performance with multiple upgrades to improve truck responsiveness and controllability.

These upgrades include an anti-lock brake system, dynamic stability control, enhanced traction control, machine speed limiting, hill start assist with anti-rollback and cruise control.

Inside the updated cab, operators have access to the Next Generation Cat 785 speed coaching feature, which provides feedback on how to operate the truck in the safest and most productive way.

Operators have guidance information, machine data and electronics controls displayed across two touch screens for convenience, eliminating clutter in the cab.

The cab also features a new air filtration system for operator comfort and health, increased leg room and the deluxe seats have in-built lumbar support and heated and cooled cushions with a 30-degree recline to accommodate operators of all sizes.

The Next Generation Cat 785 is available in multiple emissions configurations to meet different regulations around with world, including the optional tier 4 final emissions configuration, which has shown fuel efficiency improvements of up to 9 per cent.

The advanced electronic powertrain controls deliver faster cycle times and acceleration and less spillage, for a reduction in road maintenance as well as improved engine life.

The ability to access and analyse accurate real-time data from the Next Generation cat 785 allows faster diagnostics to predict and prevent machine failure and the remote flash and troubleshooting capabilities help to boost machine availability on-site.

Operators can schedule software updates so they do not interrupt production and diagnostics can be completed remotely while the truck is in operation.

Caterpillar will begin production of the Next Generation Cat 785 truck in the first quarter of 2021.

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