Caterpillar to roll out driver fatigue monitoring technology

Caterpillar has joined forces with Seeing Machines to deliver a technology that can monitor driver fatigue and distraction in light vehicle applications.

The Guardian 2 system by Seeing Machines is a non-intrusive system that senses operator movements and analyses them for symptoms of fatigue or distraction.

Operators will be alerted by seat vibration and audio alarms when a microsleep or distraction event is detected.

This is identified via a driver-facing sensor and forward-facing camera, which measure the operator’s head position and eye closure without any input from the operator.

“The Guardian 2 system reduces the likelihood of safety incidents by alerting operators and keeping them focussed on the job at hand,” MineStar Detect products commercial manager Mindy Elsasser said.

“The monitoring services also provide near real-time alerts that inform supervisors of fatigue and distraction events, allowing them to respond quickly to help prevent further incidents.”

The system also provides analytics that enable site leaders to track patterns of repeated fatigue or distraction events.

Guardian 2 joins the Cat MineStar Detect portfolio of safety technologies and services to enable users to cost effectively fit any vehicle in the fleet, including heavy equipment, support vehicles and highway vehicles with monitoring systems that are linked to Caterpillar’s 24-hour fatigue monitoring.

It employs an improved sensor to enhance the resolution and expand the field of view inside the cab.

Guardian has logged more than four billion kilometres travelled and detected more than 6.4 million distraction events since its introduction.

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