Coates takes order of new multi-lift vehicle – the next generation of innovation and safety in transport

Coates taking delivery of a new multi-lift vehicle.

Coates transport continues to invest in innovative equipment and technology to improve the safety of its people and customers, and the efficiency of its operations.

A key campaign for Coates is the Coates Transport Safety Week (21-25 March 2022) – in its second year, the campaign focuses on creating awareness of safety risks across Coates’ logistics operations and what Coates employees and teams can do as individuals to deliver safer operations every day.

A critical risk area for transport is during loading and unloading processes.

During these activities, equipment is being driven on and off trucks, forklifts and cranes are shifting other equipment, and there are people walking around the site such as workshop employees, customers or site operators.

The potential for people to be hurt by moving equipment and mobile plant is real and the risks are high.

Setting up loading and unloading exclusion zones (LUEZ), implementing safe zones, using spotters, and keeping people out of the line of fire are all part of Coates’ standard toolkit to manage risks.

To reduce these risks, Coates is investing in multi-lift trucks, an industry-first, that essentially eliminate many of these exposure points.

The configuration of the multi-lift system is a UD cab-chassis with a HIAB hydraulic hook lift that is used to pull on, or drop off load platforms.

The load platforms are pre-loaded at ground height, fully restrained, and set out in loading bays ready for pick up.

The Coates driver controls the lifting process while seated in the vehicle, being fully isolated from the moving plant.

The whole loading process takes the driver a matter of minutes, compared to the normal loading times of around 20 to 40 minutes, depending on load configuration.

Not only is the new equipment safer, but it is also much more efficient. As Coates continues to review its fleet, it will be introducing more of these vehicles into the business, with this specific configuration organised through Toyota Fleet Management.

“We are very excited to be taking delivery of the new multi-lift vehicle into our Melbourne operations this week,” Coates group manager – transport logistics Jairus Houghton said.

“The innovative new vehicle design sets a new standard of safety and efficiency in our industry.”

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