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Communication when and where you need it


A range of flexible and robust products from Sepura is ensuring reliable mission-critical communications across the Australian mining industry. 

Communication is key – it’s as true on a mine site as it is in everyday life. 

Effective communication not only plays an enormous role in operational success, but also in the safety of the people working on-site. 

But mine sites are highly dynamic environments, and that means there is no silver bullet solution when it comes to effective communication technology. 


Mine sites have an increasing need for data services such as video, access to online tools and databases, and the ability to upload and download large data items.

These tasks typically need a higher bandwidth than traditional narrowband systems such as terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) systems can deliver, and require broadband data services such as LTE (long-term evolution).

But when it comes to delivering mission-critical communication, direct mode operation, and end-to-end encryption, LTE does not yet offer equivalent performance to TETRA, which is the tried-and-true means of communication.  

Fortunately for the mining industry, Sepura is bridging the gap between the reliability of TETRA and the modern bells and whistles of LTE with the SCU3 dual-mode device. 

“Organisations are increasingly looking for flexible, rugged devices capable of providing the best of both worlds – mission-critical voice and high-speed data capability,” Sepura country manager for Australia Ronan Rafferty said. 

“The TETRA module in the SCU3 offers this to users in a familiar, trusted format, enabling organisations to extract full value from their critical communications solution.

“Sepura has spent a lot of time with users around the world, understanding their needs and challenges to ensure its solutions meet these needs. 

“Hybrid LTE devices can deliver solutions to mission-critical users’ operational challenges.”


When it comes to mining operations, workers must be able to communicate across vast distances in remote parts of the country, so that communication needs to be reliable.

To this end, Sepura has combined TETRA with the extended coverage of VHF (very high frequency) to reliably carry mission-critical communications across huge outdoor sites and complex underground networks. 

This solution is compatible with Sepura’s SCG22 mobile terminal and the SC20 and SC23 hand-portable radios. Extended coverage means mine sites require less infrastructure, reducing costs and maintenance. This also makes set-up time faster. 

Sepura’s VHF TETRA solution can be rolled out with the MultiTech Base Station from DAMM Cellular Australia.

The VHF TETRA range also grants access to a range of communication modes such as SMS and SDS, direct (DMO), trunked (TMO) and gateway operation. It also provides access to feature-rich applications, including geo-fencing, auditing and audio optimising functions.

“Because VHF radio waves work over a much larger distance, this offers considerable advantages to a user organisation,” Sepura product manager Phil Retsas said.

“If you’re talking about a site that is 50 square kilometres and you need consistent coverage across that site to ensure safe, efficient operations, then VHF TETRA opens up many new opportunities.”


The durability of Sepura’s communication technology is not limited to signal strength. The company works closely with the mining industry to deliver radios that are built to last in harsh conditions. 

Sepura’s TETRA radios have been meticulously engineered to handle the rough, dusty, damp and dirty conditions found in mining operations. 

These radios repel dust and water from audio components, which ensures clear communication in a variety of conditions. 

A robust IP68 rating is designed to render them impervious to submersion and facilitates easier cleansing under running water. Once cleaned, they are ready for immediate operation, in turn eliminating downtime. 

A dust guard acts as a vigilant defender against harmful magnetic dust, which would otherwise enter and damage the speaker cavity. 

With its reliable and hardy products, Sepura is catering to the varied needs of its customers in the mining industry, delivering mission critical communication when and where it’s needed. 

This feature also appears in the May-June issue of Safe to Work.

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