Companies urged to curb influx in workplace injury

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The Australian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET) has urged industries to provide adequate training surrounding high-pressure cleaning equipment following a spike in work injuries.

AUSJET stated that Australian Standards needed to be met by companies as industrial operators fell behind what was currently required.

“Over the last two years we have seen an increase of injuries in industry mainly due to a lack of awareness of how dangerous it can be in using high pressure water jetting and cleaning equipment,” AUSJET chairman Peter Jones said.

Cuts and infections can amount from high pressure water injuries, with AUSJET encouraging anyone who is injured to seek medical attention.

High-pressure water equipment is used across multiple sectors, with uses ranging from cleaning to hydro excavation.

“Despite no deaths in the industry since 2008, as the national industry association we are concerned with a spike in injuries across all industries and are calling on industry to not only be aware of the Australian Standards in safety but to implement accredited training for their employees,” Jones said.

He added that neglecting standards surrounding equipment use could lead to companies being sent to court for damages or negligence.

“With changes taking place around the country regarding industrial manslaughter offences which in some states now attach a criminal responsibility of negligent conduct for the employer, industry need to be made aware of all their responsibilities when using high-pressure water jetting and cleaning equipment across Australia,” he said.

“It’s been extremely concerning to see the rise of water jetting injuries when the information is available and there is now no excuse when people injure themselves at work and employers have the responsibility of keeping their employees up-to-date with the current Australian Standards.”

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