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Lancall is a professional environmental and occupational consultancy. The specialist teams at Lancall are industry experts with over 90 years collective experience. Lancall offers our clients a diverse range of services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on having an experienced, professional Occupational and Environmental consultancy team, who develop client specific solutions, based on actual industry experience.

Organisations know they need to apply both reason and fact to decision making. At Lancall, this is how we advise our clients every day. We combine technical expertise with the intuition, insight and confidence gained from our extensive sector experience and a deeper understanding of our clients’s requirements.

Why choose Lancall?

Lancall is focused on making a difference to our clients, our colleagues and the communities in which we live and work. What makes Lancall different to our competitors is our four key strengths:

The Lancall Team
With over 90 years collective industry experience our consultants are recognised for their technical competence, customer service, expertise exacting standards.

Industry Experience
Our team has worked on some of the largest and most innovative projects within Australia. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge which helps create solutions for clients that are based on actual experience.

Professional Quality Service
Lancall is an independent and respected provider of occupational and environmental consultancy services. Lancall guarantee our clients a professional quality service that exceeds Industry standards.

Affordable Price
Lancall can provide you with the best Occupational and Environmental consultants in Australia and a professional service all at affordable prices. Lancall will ensure improvement of your organisation’s performance while also achieving a cost effective solution.