ConSite Mine to improve machinery safety, life cycle

Hitachi and Wenco International Mining Systems have joined forces to create ConSite Mine, a program that allows operators to remotely monitor machines 24/7 using data analytics.

This helps mining operations track where their machines are at all times, allowing them to review activities and use this information to educate employees for safer operations.

ConSite Mine can monitor equipment location, speed and fuel consumption, and its artificial intelligence (AI) identifies unsafe or inefficient operations like hard braking, free spinning tyres, speeding and running over bumpy haul roads.

The information is displayed on a map and can be used to re-examine haul roads, dispatch trucks and educate operators to reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety and productivity.

The data can then be recorded in the cloud and used by maintenance personnel to investigate causes of incidents and for further employee training.

ConSite Mine helps Hitachi dealers to predict maintenance issues before they occur, further advancing the safety of the equipment and reducing costs for mining companies.

Using AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, ConSite Mine uses sensors to collect data from excavator arms and booms to predict cracks before they occur and detect signs that preface failure of hydraulic pumps to avoid such damage and plan out maintenance downtime.

“In the future, we will make use of our knowledge as a construction machinery manufacturer to propose the types of data, indicators and timing of alarms to suit the conditions at the mine site and the needs of the customer,” Hitachi stated.

“ConSite Mine enables real time predictive analysis of operating data that delivers actionable information to customers.

“With ConSite Mine, safety and productivity of mining machines can be improved and their life cycle costs reduced.”

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