COVID-19: New disinfectants for the ‘new normal’

Even before the advent of COVID-19, there were always products available for disinfecting of commercial, industrial and other premises.

Previous experiences with infectious outbreaks such as SARS and MERS, however, laid the groundwork for globally focussed companies to improve disinfection technology, and since the (COVID-19) pandemic there has been a proliferation of products targeted towards preventing the transmission of the virus.

These products vary greatly in their composition, active materials, claims, methods of application and suitability for purpose.

Some of these still use technologies that are older and less suitable to the modern requirements of improved efficacy, regulatory compliance, safety, compatibility and versatility.

A new class of nitrogen based disinfectant actives offer distinct advantages over older quaternary (such as benzalkonium chloride), hypochlorite and oxygen-based technologies.

An example of this is Callington’s Netbiokem DSAM, recently been approved by the TGA to make the claim ‘Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus in two minutes.

The product is based on the active laurylamine dipropylenediamine and was originally developed for aviation use.

The use of this advanced surface disinfectant allows the product to be active against the widest type of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, yeasts, moulds and all types of viruses, including killing the (COVID-19) virus in only two minutes – while still being safe as a wipe on wipe off liquid and even in cold fogging applications.

Because it has been tested in so-called dirty conditions, the product can be used as a single step 2-in-1 cleaner and disinfectant. And yet, the formulation is mild enough to pass all aviation material standards for Boeing and Airbus aircrafts and is used by the world’s leading airlines.

Once the surface is treated Netbiokem DSAM it will remain free from viruses, until it is exposed to further contamination. We recommend to re-apply Netbiokem DSAM immediately following any further contamination.

Be aware of residual efficacy claims, as they may offer insufficient protection. Efficacy test methods for residual activity are not regulated and may not be validated scientifically.

Especially in these times where frequent disinfection is required to keep our population safe, we must work on all angles to achieve this with reasonable costs and maximum effectiveness in mind.

Optimising your work procedures and application methods is an important part of the puzzle, and so is the choice of disinfectants. It is time for the industry to shift to disinfectants based on modern formulations and actives.

Callington, an Australian owned and operated company, is a specialty chemical manufacturer that has been operating globally for over 50 years in the aviation, biosecurity and other industries.

Our next generation disinfectants have been used by airlines across the world and is suitable for all transport, commercial, industrial, institutional, health services, military and essential services industries. For more information on Netbiokem DSAM, please visit www.callington.com

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