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Critical communications

Sepura, a UK based company with over 20 years’ experience in mission critical communications, has recently launched a new suite of TETRA products tailored to the mining industry, including:

  • VHF handheld and vehicle devices: offering superior range and lower base station density, reducing costs.
  • SC23: a robust handset with a simplified user interface that utilises existing SC20 accessories.
  • Ultra CSM speaker microphone: utilising anti-magnetic technology for iron ore sites where metallic particle ingress can impact product life and performance.

Sepura’s design philosophy is to provide comprehensive solutions for its customers. Our focus in the mining sector is robustness, with the radio and speaker microphone being easy to maintain, rated to a minimum IP67 ingress protection and featuring Sepura’s unique water-porting technology. This means they undergo minimal degradation in audio clarity or loudness when exposed to driving moisture, such as during dust suppression activities.

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