Ctrack bolsters product development with Ctrack Route launch

Ctrack, a leading provider of telematics and fleet management solutions, has announced the launch of its latest product release, Ctrack Route.

Ctrack Route is a routing and optimisation solution developed to reduce planning time and improve time management.

“We’re excited to introduce Ctrack Route, the first of many new products to be added to the Ctrack product portfolio in the coming months.” said company technical and product lead for Australia and New Zealand Dale Kingston.

“Our focus is to provide our customers with the best products from our global product portfolio, while being agile enough to meet the needs of our local market in Australia and New Zealand.”

Ctrack has increased its focus and investment on new product development this year to maintain a comprehensive offering that not only meets the needs of fleet managers and compliance requirements today, but also anticipates those of the future.

Ctrack Route allows a fleet manager to plan and optimise their routes rather than going through that same process manually, resulting in time savings of as much as half a day.

Route also enables better time management across an existing fleet, resulting in savings on cost per route as well as the potential to make more deliveries using existing resources.

Prior to implementation, Ctrack will work closely with the customer to tailor the best solution for their business model and requirements.

The launch of Route along with more upcoming product releases reinforces Ctrack’s core foundations around delivering productivity, efficiency, savings and safety to its customers.

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