Ctrack boosts drivers safety with latest technology

With the mining sector consistently working to improve safety in the industry, telematics can play a key role in reducing risk for drivers on site.

Telematics and its accompanying data are evidence-backed methods of increasing safety and reducing costs by improving driver behaviour.

However, data alone is not sufficient in creating safer workplaces. The data needs to be analysed for patterns that can be used to provide feedback for drivers.

This is where Ctrack can support a company, drivers and vehicles. Ctrack is a global company specialising in telematics and fleet management solutions.

From utes and light delivery vans to heavy transport trucks and machinery, Ctrack covers all types of vehicles and assets.

Whether a company has five or 5000 vehicles, Ctrack provides complete visibility of its fleet.

Ctrack’s technologies track driver behaviour to reduce dangerous driving, such as harsh braking and accelerating, providing insights through intelligent reporting for companies to be proactive in avoiding accidents.

With powerful geo-zone capabilities built in, drivers can easily configure preferred areas, no-go areas, custom speed limits and waypoints.

As part of Ctrack’s continued focus on research and development, this month sees the launch of Ctrack Iris, a comprehensive camera solution to further enhance safety and driver monitoring capabilities.

Iris delivers a 360-degree view of trucks and mining equipment, which is critical in mining given that hazards can come from any direction.

Iris offers as many as six different cameras, designed to assist with facial recognition, fatigue management and additional driver behaviour such as mobile phone usage.

Iris provides a live video recording of the cabin, as well as road-facing and additional external cameras.

Complementary to a comprehensive range of solutions, Ctrack is proud to meet the Safer Together IVMS standards, highlighting its ongoing focus on reducing risk and getting people home safely.

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