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Danger of explosives on full display

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A resources regulator made a bang last week by blowing up 16 explosives to improve safety awareness in the mining industry.

Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) recently hosted its Power of Explosives event at its Helidon Explosives Reserve.

This year’s blasting showcased the power of black powder, ammonium nitrate, fireworks, marine distress signals and more, in front of a crowd of more than 100 people.

Members of the Australian Border Force, Australian Federal Police, Office of Industrial Relations and Queensland Police Service were among the attendees.

These incendiary substances, when used incorrectly, have caused lifelong injuries, scarring and in some cases death.

explosive, RSHQ
Black powder detonated at the event. Image: RSHQ

RSHQ Deputy Chief Inspector of Explosives Snezana Bajic said explosives are used in everything from mining and farming right through to movie making, but they’re also unfortunately used as weapons against law enforcement.

“We’re seeing fireworks and flares used in riot and protest situations across the globe, so it’s important we understand the dangers and how to control them,” Bajic said.

“Because they are so common, it’s easy to get complacent so the Power of Explosives event allows us to show just how dangerous they can be, and how to handle them correctly.”

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