Demand for PPE vending machines on the rise

Convenient, ‘vend-ready’ personal protective equipment (PPE) that is dispensed from onsite machines is becoming an increasingly popular option, according to wholesale PPE distributor ProChoice Safety Gear.

The vending machines use smartcard technology to track how often employees are (or aren’t) using the PPE, allowing management to respond accordingly, the company’s research and development manager Brad Rodgers said.

“Each product dispensed is marked against a person’s name so records show who is using the PPE and how much of it,” explained Rodgers.

“So if someone is getting a new pair of safety glasses every day, that might raise a red flag. Alternatively, if they’re not using enough PPE then they may not be adequately protected.”

Delivery of PPE, such as gloves or safety glasses, via vending machines helps save time and money, improve OHS compliance and reduce waste, Rodgers continued.

“The machines improve stock control and the sites that use them significantly reduce their PPE wastage, while also being able to dispense PPE 24 hours a day without the need to have someone in the storeroom all the time,” he explained.

“They also create better accountability as the machines can track PPE use more closely than a traditional storeroom scenario.”

Rogers’ comments come as the company announced its range of ProSense safety gloves, which are rolled and shrink-wrapped before being placed on the coils of a vending machine. In addition to the gloves, ear plugs, safety glasses and disposable respirators are also available in the line.

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