Diacon Australia protects against conveyors’ hazards points

Conveyor safety guard manufacturer Diacon Australia has created a system that uses high-strength plastics instead of steel to protect staff on bulk handling sites.

Conveyors can be extremely dangerous if proper safety systems aren’t put into effect. Diacon Australia remains Australia’s leading conveyor guarding specialist, and the original innovators and developers of plastic guarding.

Diacon Australia guarding is the only guarding on the market that includes in-built hand rail hanging features, a reinforced frame and a UV stabilisers guarantee of 15 years.

The conveyor guard is a plastic mesh made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), designed for easy installation and removal.

By using HDPE, the conveyor guards never have to be painted and there is no chance of rust or corrosion.

On top of this, the system is significantly lighter than steel, which is a huge deal for people on sites that need to manually handle the conveyor guards.

Diacon Australia proudly uses only quality Australian materials and its guarding has been designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment to ensure the highest standard of quality for its renowned product.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the industry, Diacon guarantees a product that truly stands the test of time, with their guards proven to last beyond 20 years.

Diacon Australia does not compromise on safety or quality. If your conveyor guarding doesn’t contain the certified Diacon Australia branded plate, then you’re not getting genuine Diacon Australia guards.

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