Dropsafe partners with Pacific Automation

Dropsafe has announced an exclusive partnership with national distributor Pacific Automation that will widen its presence in Australia.

Pacific Automation will supply Dropsafe products as part of its range of equipment as a result of the deal.

Dropsafe is best known for its dropped object prevention safety products, which include nets, pouches and barriers designed to prevent fixtures (such as work lights) and loose objects from falling when working at heights. 

Pacific Automation managing director Darren Wright said the company was looking forward to working with the Dropsafe team.

He believes “[Dropsafe’s] premium quality products will greatly benefit our customers across a range of applications and work sites.”

Dropsafe has identified a “four-fold threat” posed by dropped objects that includes risk of injury or fatality to personnel, risk of equipment damage, and financial and reputational consequences.

Dropped object risks are a serious OHS consideration. Safe Work Australia statistics from 2017 found that eight per cent of work-related injuries in Australia were caused by being hit by a falling object, and Dropsafe has cited an increased demand for its products among Australian mining operators.

Dropsafe chief executive officer Rob Schlipper said the partnership with Pacific Automation would allow the company to enhance its service offering for current and future customers in the region.

“Pacific Automation has a long-standing reputation for sourcing and supplying best-in-class, high-quality products and therefore was a natural fit for Dropsafe,” he said.

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