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Enabling effective communication

Sepura has meticulously engineered its TETRA radios to excel within harsh and challenging mining environments.

In the dynamic realm of mining, effective communication serves as the bedrock for safety, efficiency, and overall operational excellence. 

The ever-looming spectre of dust and grime infiltrating communication devices presents a formidable threat that can halt operations, eroding profits and imperilling on-site personnel in an instant.

To help address this issue, Sepura’s cutting-edge TETRA radios have been meticulously engineered to excel within environments that are rugged, dusty, damp and dirty – all of which define mining operations. 

A diverse range of accessories complements Sepura’s holistic solution to empower users across a spectrum of environments and requirements.

Precision for communications excellence

Sepura’s dust suppression and water porting features are designed to ensure crystal-clear audio continues even in the most demanding circumstances.

Deflecting the dual onslaught of dust and water is pivotal. 

Countless mines rely on water to quell dust disturbances, reducing airborne particulates. Dust settling on electronic components can infiltrate minuscule crevices, ultimately eroding performance and durability.

Sepura’s devices repel dust from the audio components, bolstered by a robust IP67 rating, rendering them impervious to submersion and facilitating effortless cleansing under running water. They are ready for immediate operation after they are cleaned, in turn eliminating downtime. 

This resilience helps equipment endure torrential downpours. Vibrations expel water from the speakers, swiftly restoring pristine functionality. This dynamic capability allows for uninterrupted operations and fortified safety protocols.

In addition, a dust guard acts as a staunch sentinel against magnetic dust, which may gravitate toward the speaker cavity due to its magnetic properties. Safeguarding the speaker interface, this shield thwarts dust and moisture infiltration without compromising audio quality, an instrumental layer of defence amplifying miner wellbeing.

Sepura’s TETRA radios excel within rugged mining environments.

Miner-centric approach

Continuous refinement of the sRSM is an outcome of intensive consultation with mining practitioners during comprehensive field trials. 

Its user-centric design features amplified push-to-talk buttons, strategically relocated emergency buttons atop the device for intuitive access during crises, and adaptable clips and cables tailored to individual proportions and usage preferences.

Enlarged lip enveloping device buttons enhance structural integrity by channelling impact forces toward the device’s rugged casing rather than its more delicate elements, all while thwarting dust infiltration.

Sepura’s commitment to excellence extends to the meticulous validation of its products in its labs located in the UK. The depth of its scrutiny even includes a specially crafted rain chamber simulating deluge-like monsoons. 

Collaborative dialogue with mining entities informs Sepura’s submersion testing, meticulously mirroring real-world usage and cleaning scenarios to help guarantee unwavering and consistent performance, a testament to the customer-first ethos of Sepura. 

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