ESS air cannons, solving your bulk material blockages

The blockage of material in bulk storage systems is a common occurrence. Silo’s, kilns and bunkers can have so much build-up that it slows or stops operation completely. Build-ups can form as bottlenecks, bridges, arches and rat holes. All of these result in reduced flow, storage capacity and dead material.

This material build-up becomes a safety hazard if it requires manual removal. Clearing the blockage from the outside may involve hitting the structure with a hammer, causing both structural damage and presenting a manual handling risk.

In some cases, personnel may have to enter the structure to clear the build-up from the inside. This can pose several severe safety risks, including falls, engulfment, entanglement in machinery, exposure to high temperatures causing heat stress, and inhalation of gases and dust particles. In some instances, the dust in a silo may be explosive, which may limit methods of clearing blockages in bulk storage structures.

The ESS air cannons are a pneumatic bulk material flow aid system that utilises the release of a volume of compressed air. This sudden release of energy is directed through a transition pipe into compacted material in a bulk storage structure, to fracture blockages; restoring material flow and regaining storage capacity.

The ESS air cannons are available in both internal and external valve arrangements, in a range of tank sizes.

The ESS internal valve arrangements include both 4” (i4) and 6” (i6) valves and allows for the most efficient conversion of potential energy into usable energy. While the ESS External valve arrangement comprises a 4” (e4) and allows for double ended air cannons, using one pressure vessel to reduce cost.

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