Evolution of the gumboot

Not all gumboots are created equal.

Hiding underneath the rubber of our boots are innovative comfort and safety features, as well as patented protection systems that make them suitable for dangerous workplaces and challenging hazardous environments.

In fact, Blundstone has transformed the humble gumboot into a high-tech piece of work and safety equipment by focussing on two key areas: protection and comfort.


Many modern gumboots have specific features that provide protection against the hazards of individual industries.

If you’re in any food production or handling industries, look for gumboots that are made with organic fat, acid and oil-resistant properties.

Conversely, if you work in an industry that involves dangerous material and heavy equipment, your main concerns should be a steel safety toe cap, penetration-resistant soles and metatarsal protection.

If you need toe protection, make sure that the steel toe caps are 200 Joule impact resistant.

This means they can protect your toes from the equivalent of a 20 kilograms weight dropping approximately a metre in height.

Our steel caps are also tested to a compression load of 1500 kilograms.


After safety comes comfort. A good-fitting gumboot should be firm around the foot and ankle and looser around the calf, giving you room to tuck in your pants.

Many of our boots have luxury footbeds with arch support and technology to provide extra cushioning and impact absorption.

We also developed the patented SPS Max Comfort system to reduce fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet.

SPS MAX incorporates XRD Extreme Impact Protection, a lightweight and breathable material that absorbs up to 90 per cent of energy at high-speed impact.

So, whether you call them gumboots, gummies, wellies, galoshes or just rubber boots, make sure that your pair protects you against the hazards of your industry and provides maximum comfort for those long days on the job.

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