Fire Forensics tackle the myths behind car fires

Fire Forensic’s investigation found that the fire had originated in the engine compartment, burning out of the fuse box, and spreading throughout the compartment. The rest of the vehicle was relatively undamaged, with no direct evidence of fire damage to any other surfaces.

During the investigation, our investigator noticed there was a high level of damage within a specific area, directly around the fuse box. However, there was no electrical arcing or any signs of an electrical event.

Soon after discovering this area of damage, our investigator took some ignitable liquid samples in order to analyse if there were any accelerants used within the engine bay to start the fire.

The results of the analysis returned positive for an ignitable liquid for petrol. Now, one would think that it would be normal to locate petrol under the hood of a car. Unfortunately, this car had a diesel engine in it…

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