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Getting ahead of silicosis

Image: Safety Mate

Safety Mate’s Skytec 3030V respirator is keeping workers in the heavy industries protected against silicosis.

Silicosis is a name familiar to most in the resources industry. The debilitating lung disease is caused by the inhalation respirable crystalline silica, commonly found in found in stone, concrete, sand, mortar and other staples of the resources industry.

Thanks to their microscopic size, silica particles are almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. Often, workers can inhale high concentrations without ever being aware.

When inhaled, these particles manifest as fibrotic scarring in the lungs. People with the lung disease report debilitating health issues such as shortness of breath, weakness, chest pains, and the need for supplemental oxygen and mobility aids. Silicosis can be fatal, and there is no known treatment to reverse the disease.

Increased regulation over silica exposure in the workplace is inevitable, but it may take years for these engineered controls to roll in. That’s why it’s critical for site managers to take the initiative with the health and safety of their workforce.

High quality respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is something that sites can implement today to help prevent silicosis.

When it comes to safety, personal protective equipment supplier Safety Mate believes that only the best is good enough.

Safety Mate’s answer to the problem of silicosis is the 3030V disposable respirator by Skytec.

The 3030V is a P2 respirator ideal for mining industry conditions.

Just as important as the tech contained in the filter is the fit of the mask, and the 3030V is the only disposable mask in the Australian market with a full foam face seal, ensuring excellent face fit testing rates.

The pre-formed nose bridge removes the need for regular adjustment of the mask, meaning a snugger fit and fewer opportunities for silica particles to slip in. A four point head strap adjustment also makes sure the mask stays in place no matter the job.

“The 3030V disposable respirators offer an outstanding level of protection demonstrated when conducting face fit testing,” Safety Mate managing director Clint Tee told Safe to Work.

“Having a lightweight outer shell also means the mask maintains excellent shape during use, boasting extreme comfort and wearability for prolonged periods of time.”

Contact Safety Mate about on-site trials for its respirators or for more information.

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