Glencore enlists Epiroc STI4 battery loader at CSA mine

Glencore has purchased an Epiroc STI4 battery loader that will be commissioned at the CSA copper mine in New South wales to reduce emissions and improve safety.

The STI4 delivers enhanced safety for operators, while producing zero emissions compared to diesel-powered underground loaders.

CSA mine general manager Peter Christen said the loader would allow Glencore to enhance its sustainability.

He said the copper produced at CSA is vital for electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy technology.

“The copper we produce at CSA mine is a key enabler of the low-carbon economy, and is an essential commodity that goes into electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy technologies like wind turbines and solar panels,” Christen said.

Glencore has targeted a 40 per cent reduction to its emissions by 2035, with the electric loader also proving its worth to prevent workers from inhaling harmful chemicals from diesel emissions.

This is important in underground environments that require air ventilation systems.

The ST14 battery loader will operate at a depth of almost 2 kilometres underground.

“We are committed to reducing emissions across our own operations and our investment in the ST14 battery loader is an important step in the broader transformation of mining in a lower-carbon future,” Christen said.

“I’m pleased to see the loader has already generated significant interest from our operators who will start using it later this month.”

According to Glencore, the STI14 is one of the first of its kind to be deployed globally.

The CSA mine produces around 50,000 tonnes of copper in concentrates each year and is one of the deepest underground mines in Australia.

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