Goldfields mental health facility on track for opening

A 10-bed community mental health step up-step down service in the Goldfields, Western Australia is set to open in early 2021.

The facility will provide short-term accommodation, specialist treatment and support for people in the Goldfields region suffering from mental conditions.

It will allow people in the community to seek treatment in a community-based setting close to their home and personal support networks.

The Goldfields region is home to many mine workers but the local Kalgoorlie Hospital was labelled “unfit” to treat mental health patients, according to a report by the ABC.

The Minerals Council of Australia recognises the importance of mental health in the mining industry, having worked with its partners to build industry understanding and capacity, including a blueprint for mental health and wellbeing industry guide.

As many miners work in isolated communities, mining can be a mentally challenging work environment compared with traditional office roles.

The Western Australian Government recognised this gap and funded the Kalgoorlie mental health facility, which will be located at 13 Davidson Street.

The facility is being built by ACorp Construction and is due to complete by the end of this year.

“This service will complement a range of other mental health care and alcohol and other drug services in the Goldfields,” Western Australia’s Minister for Health; Mental Health, Roger Cook said.

“We are committed to driving improvement of services, supporting people in the regions with mental health and providing more options for people to recover from mental health issues.

“Importantly, it will allow more people in the region who need mental health care to access it nearer where they live.”

Mining and Pastoral Region Member of the Legislative Council Kyle McGinn said the facility would make a huge difference to the Goldfields region, after the community had been asking for a new community health service for “a long time”.

“The benefit of this facility is that Goldfielders will be able to have friends and family come and support them while they receive the support they need,” McGinn said.

“It will make a huge difference to have this service in our community so people can stay close to their local support networks.”

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