GRT to develop dust suppression standard

Global Road Technology (GRT) will develop ongoing industry reports on its dust suppression strategies to create a benchmark standard for the resource sector over the next 12 months.

Using its work in the Central Queensland region of Bowen Basin as a template, the mining and civil services company will show how its whole-of-site dust suppression strategies protect mine workers from life-threatening lung diseases.

The strategy  comes off the back of a renewed focus on dust suppression as recent cases of silicosis increase union pressure to ramp up health and safety measures to protect all workers exposed to deadly silica and coal dust at mining sites.

According to GRT general manager Daniel Grundy, the purpose of the next 12 months is to utilise the work being done in Bowen Basin and the Pilbara as an industry case study to showcase the efficacy of its products and techniques.

“One of our core goals from our engagement based from the town of Moranbah and in the Pilbara region of WA is to build a report that highlights how by utilising GRT’s world-leading dust elimination technology and solutions, miners can minimise the impact of mining operations on workers, communities, and the environment” he said.

“I have worked extensively in the mining and civil sectors for more than two decades and have seen first-hand the dangers of dust pollution on the health and wellbeing of workers.

“That’s why a core goal of our engagement in Moranbah is to develop a body of knowledge for general access showcasing how through the usage of GRT’s innovative products and whole-of-site approach we can minimise air pollution through our proactive approach to dust mitigation – protecting workers and nearby communities alike.”

In June, Cancer Council Australia launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of exposure to silica dust to raise awareness for those working in high-risk industries.

Cancer Council Australia chief executive officer Tanya Buchanan said 600,000 Australians are exposed to silica dust in the workplace.

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