GRT using automation to lead the battle against dust pollution

Dust pollution

Global Road Technology (GRT) are making automation a key component in their efforts to assist the mining industry to reduce air pollution.

As specialists in dust control, GRT have announced plans to release Sustainable, Mining, Autonomously, Reporting Technology (SMART) Dosing Units as the key hardware components of GRT’s dust suppression systems.

Designed and assembled by GRT engineers, the Australian made SMART Dosing Units consist of a central control and communication module, combined with electrical and mechanical hardware that provides the ability to remotely control and automate product dosage, error detection, and flow rates.

GRT managing director, Troy Adams, spoke on the investment in automation and its intention to provide resource companies with a turnkey dust control solution intended to protect onsite workers and communities located nearby.

“Our products are designed to provide resource companies the ability to stop the spread of dust particles generated by mining activity and the SMART Dosing Units take it to the next level by using data and automation to improve dust control outcomes,” Adams said.

“GRT’s dosing units utilise 5G, satellite, or radio technology to allow for remote management and communication between units to ensure the correct amounts are distributed across the site minimising wastage and maximising efficacy. We have designed products like GRT: Haul-Loc and GRT: Activate that dovetail into these autonomous systems, to deliver effective dust control, and provide critical data currently missing onsite.”

As an international, engineering technology company, GRT is invested in R&D and innovation to continue its growth as a leader in the dust control industry.

The SMART Dosing Units are being released at a time when the rising global awareness about the harm caused by dust pollution are combining with community pressure.

This places airborne dust pollution and dust-related lung disease on the agenda of the mining industry as pressure grows for the industry to showcase how they are proactively reducing its onsite spread.

“In addition to accurately dosing our dust control products, our latest SMART Dosing Units include telemetry which acts as a data hub and allows for direct reporting, tracking, and control of dosing, with a user-friendly app interface,” Adams said.

“This powerful data includes water consumption, water truck operational efficiency, water truck efficiencies, product levels, dosage rates and the overall working effectiveness of the supporting apparatus (including pumps and power units) used to provide these services. This offering is designed to replace traditional water-based methods or outdated dust control chemicals employed by miners to manage mining dust – for us the SMART product suite further showcases where we can go as a sector.”