Head nut system innovation to improve worker safety

A new system for changing out head nuts on gyratory crushers promises to improve speed and safety in mining operations.

The EziTite Hydraulic Headnut system from fastening company Technofast has been designed to replace traditional methods of head nut removal, which typically involves workers making use of sledge hammers, spanners and even oxy-fuel torches to remove the extremely tight bolts, a process that can lead to injury-related OH&S concerns.

EziTite uses a hydraulic clamping nut that can maintain a precise tensile load via operation with a hand pump; the assembly is hand-screwed onto the crusher shaft and then hydraulic pressure is applied via a quick-release coupler on top of the nut body.

Following this, mechanical locking screws are engaged to retain tensile loads and help the system retain the crusher’s inner mantle, a process the company promises will improve safety and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. The system is also compatible with crushers from companies such as Sandvik, Terex, Kawasaki and Cedar Rapids.

Matt Blundell, technical sales manager at Technofast, explained: “As all our products are manufactured at our in-house Brisbane production facility, we can manufacture the EziTite Hydraulic HeadNut system for any particular machine within a few days in most cases.

He also cited the importance of EziTite’s durable wear covers, which are exposed to tonnes of rock during operations.

“At one Queensland mine site, it was taking a week to renew the mantle on a crusher, when if they had been using our HeadNut the same job could have been done in half that time, saving the company thousands of dollars in lost production,” he explained.

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