Hexagon tackles driver drowsiness, microsleeps

Hexagon has used computer vision artificial intelligence to provide real-time monitoring of operator alertness inside the cab.

The system, which is called HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Light Vehicle was created to detect fatigue and distraction.

In the event of distraction, drowsiness and micro sleeps, drivers receive real-time notifications, allowing them to act and thus prevent an accident.

This unit suits all auxiliary and medium-sized mobile equipment, as well as in light vehicles, buses and semi-trucks.

Fatigue is a perennial hazard in mines where vehicle operators face long, monotonous shifts, sometimes at night and in poor visibility.

“The in-cab device is easy to install and works in both light and dark conditions, and through prescription glasses and/or lenses,” Hexagon stated.

“The OAS-LV device communicates and integrates seamlessly with the OAS-HV Analytics server, enabling full heavy- and light-vehicle fleet monitoring.

“It provides the most advanced remote operator alertness monitoring within a proven intervention framework, as well as performance measurement for proactive decision-making and reporting.”

Hexagon mining division president Josh Weiss said, “There’s nothing more powerful to me than knowing that our technology truly is saving people’s lives.”

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