High lift chip trapper for faster liquid clean-up

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Exair has released the high lift chip trapper which provides a fast, easy way to clean coolant sumps, waste oil pits or wells.

The high lift chip trapper removes solids such as chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids with up to 4.5m (15’) of lift or 6m (20’) of horizontal vacuum, extending the life of coolants within risks of waste oil solids damaging equipment.

Metal chips in a machine sump can block the intake of the coolant pump which reduces the coolant flow and causes heat-related damage to the expensive parts and tooling. Regular cleaning of the sump with a high lift chip trapper eliminates this problem, reducing downtime.

The compressed air powered high lift chip trapper vacuums the dirty liquid into the included drum, trapping all the solids in a reusable filter bag. With a turn of the flow valve, clean liquid pumps back out.

There are no motors or impellers to clog or wear out. Safe operation is assured with built-in pressure/vacuum relief and an automatic safety shutoff to prevent spills or overfilling.

High lift chip trappers and all Exair industrial vacuums are CE compliant.