Hydraulic hoses can be repaired and maintained onsite – thanks to BOA Hydraulics

Hydraulic Hoses

The humble hose is a crucial part in any hydraulic system.

In order to give the mining sector simple and effective solutions for repairing or maintaining hydraulic hoses, BOA Hydraulics has designed its innovative BOApod with safety and ease of use at its core.

The majority of mining equipment requires the use of hydraulic hoses. Thanks to new ways of thinking and development approaches that focus on systems, hydraulic technology is becoming more efficient, versatile and precise. Therefore the humble hose is a crucial component in any hydraulic system. However, like all equipment, regular maintenance is required

and, when the component breaks, a replacement must be sourced quickly in order to keep the crucial machinery running to avoid costly downtime.

Family owned and run, BOA Hydraulics has transformed and evolved to become one of the fastest growing hydraulic companies, providing a turn-key hydraulic hose repair and maintenance solution to those working around heavy machinery.

BOA Hydraulics chief executive officer and co-founder Simon Boakes said
his company is pushing the bounds of innovation in the hydraulic industry.

“We aim to deliver a solution that eliminates downtime and empowers companies to take control of their hydraulic hose management,” he said.

“Personnel and machine safety are at the forefront of this innovation. The BOA Integrated Solution ensures that operators have the right tools, training and technology to safely assemble and replace hydraulic hoses.”

As one of the company’s prime innovations, the BOApod is an all- weather, all-terrain mobile unit that enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses following the same principles used in original manufacturing facilities.

“Our mobile hydraulic repair solution – The BOApod – is built with safety in mind. Knowing that machinery operators are a large part of the industry and experience risk every day when operating heavy machinery, we made sure that
this new technology is safe and easy to use,” Boakes said.

“At BOA Hydraulics, we understand those concerns and so when it came to designing and building our integrated solution for hydraulic hose repair and maintenance safety was at the top of the list.”

The BOApod’s key features and tools include European-precision crimping and cutting machinery, a remote hose reel system for controlled hose management, elevated hose support stand, vice and air compressor.

The design combines a unique on-site solution for hose repair and maintenance, with the necessary safe and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses.

The BOApod has also been designed with key safety features in mind, including ergonomic height for optimal access and remote-controlled reels for prevention of lifting heavy hose coils.

The system incorporates the KNOTT trailer system for greater towing stability and control, sealed doors for a contamination-free workspace; reducing hose contamination, as well as a separate oil tray for further reduction of contamination.

“As part of the BOA Integrated Solution, our team provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure our customers can safely and correctly operate their onsite hose repair facility,” Boakes said.

“This includes safety guidance for measuring, cutting, assembling, and crimping hoses for correct application.

“Our team of experienced professionals provide readily available ongoing support so we can help you maintain the integrity of your heavy machinery. This support is ongoing with onsite and over the phone advice, as well as the supply of quality hose and fittings.

“With multiple different set up options to suit your type of business, your location, and yo

ur mobile opportunities whether you are in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, or the Pacific Islands.”

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