Immersive Technologies drives OK Tedi performance

Immersive Technologies has partnered with OK Tedi to introduce a new way to assess mining operations, delivering the first fully-integrated Operator Performance Analytics (OPA) system.

The OPA system can provide a deeper analysis of mining operations to improve safety and performance.

With the system’s ability to identify individual performance and machine errors, OK Tedi has used the OPA system to find solutions for underperforming areas in the workplace.

“OPA has enabled quicker analysis of mine operator performance to identify trends or patterns to mitigate risk relating to equipment reliability and operator productivity metrics,” OK Tedi mine business improvement & training superintendent Masket Siune said.

“We now have a reliable operator data platform that gives real comprehensive data view to approach our operators and discuss training development needs or for reward and recognition for the outstanding performance based on both risk and productivity criteria.”

Immersive Technologies has implemented simulation training into the OPA system, which includes tasks such as driving and unloading trucks correctly.

The OPA system first identifies underperforming operators and then suggests specific training needs analysis report to improve their skills.

Training data is automatically sent back to the OPA system, reducing the need for manual intervention.

“At OK Tedi, analysis that previously took days or weeks, now take minutes, integrating disparate data systems with simulator generated data provides a single, powerful platform for workforce development planning,” Immersive Technologies global professional services manager Alex Da Silva said.

OK Tedi aims to continue its use of the OPA system to improve the safety and performance of its workplace.

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