Intelligent Sandvik loader promises safer operation for underground mining

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology’s new underground loader, the Sandvik LH517i, promises to bring a raft of improvements for operators, including increased safety and comfort. Principally, Sandvik has improved the size, visibility and ergonomics of the operator’s cabin to reduce fatigue and improve well-being.

“The increased focus on operator comfort in the new Sandvik LH517i emphasises Sandvik Product Area Load and Haul’s interest towards operator well-being and reduction of fatigue in underground operations,” said Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology product line manager Olli Karlsson.

The loader is designed to complement Sandvik’s TH551i truck in terms of payload and overall design. Design improvements were implemented in response to suggestions from customer forums. One such customer, mining contractor Barminco, has been particularly vocal as to the machine’s improvements.

Barminco general manager plant Peter Campain explained, “the Sandvik LH517i continues to improve the maintainability and reliability of the loader and reflects the design philosophy used in the Sandvik TH663 truck which has given us great service”.

The loader is technologically advanced, making use of intelligent systems for improved connectivity, troubleshooting and system monitoring.

“It highlights Sandvik’s desire to be the technology leader in the industry with smart and flexible digitalised solutions for new generation of mining,” said Karlsson.

“We have aimed to reduce the total cost of ownership by improving equipment maintainability and component lifetime.”

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