JSG Industrial Systems: Improving equipment fire outcomes

As a frontline safety product in the mining industry, Muster fire suppression systems aim to protect operators and assets. JSG Industrial Systems reveals how the Muster product is embracing new technologies to attain safer mine operations.

JSG Industrial Systems, a fully owned subsidiary of John Sample Group, is a company that listens to and invests in the needs of the mining industry.

JSG offers the market a portfolio of lubrication systems, fuel and flow management products and Muster fire suppression systems.

Muster is a frontline safety system designed to provide protection by suppressing a fire, allowing a window of opportunity for safe operator egress.

A thorough fire risk assessment identifies the “at risk” areas of the equipment and the system is then designed to provide detection and protection in those identified areas.

Muster’s unique cloud-based design program, Muster360, provides distributors of the product – who are also the installers, a platform through which they can facilitate the risk assessment for the end-user’s assets.

The program provides distributors with the ability to produce a document pack for their clients containing the asset information, the fire risk assessment, scope or performance requirements, indicative system layout, a bill of materials and all commissioning documentation.

Muster360 can also produce a quotation bearing the distributor’s contact details and logo, making it a complete snapshot of a safety system from point of enquiry through quotation to commissioning.

JSG Industrial Systems business development manager for Australia’s east coast, Vince Atkinson, has worked in the fire suppression industry for the past decade, gaining a strong understanding of many products in the market.

In conjunction with his west coast counterpart Dale Sharpe, Atkinson works closely with the Muster team to fine-tune the offering to market. With over 25 years of industry experience combined, Sharpe and Atkinson bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

“The Muster product provides users with a system that is certified to AS5062:2016, and is fully monitored 24/7. Fire suppression systems operate in a harsh application, no matter how you look at it,” Atkinson says.

“Equipment is working for long hours, nearly 24 hours a day. It also works in a harsh, dirty, dusty and hot environment, and can be exposed to significant vibration. So, our product has to be robust to be able to operate at any time, day or night, all year round.

“Aside from the safety aspect of fire suppression, there’s a huge financial investment in mobile equipment, and the cost of downtime and repairs associated with a major fire event can be significant. The reliability of our system provides equipment owners with peace of mind.”

The Muster system offers some additional features, such as the versatile alarm panel with a round face allowing for 360 degrees mounting on the bracket supplied. Despite the size of heavy machinery, availability of space in the operator’s cabin is often limited.

The panel also contains a data port which can be easily connected to a unique hand-held Muster diagnostic module to quickly view system information, perform fault diagnosis, download event history and update software, among other capabilities.

With multiple automatic detection options available encompassing a range of temperature activation points, there is flexibility to create a bespoke solution for almost every application. Alongside safety there are environmental impacts to consider when providing fire protection.

To meet stringent environmental guidelines, Muster provides a proven fluorine free foam for use in their systems. Atkinson believes the company’s competitive advantage not only lies within the product itself, but also a holistic approach of its market offering.

“The offering we bring to the market is not only product driven but also includes additional support such as product training, technical support, supply continuity and true hand-in-hand partnership with our distributors and end-customers,” he says.

Despite the competition, Muster has become a significant disruptor in the marketplace with a burgeoning global presence in markets such as Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand and Africa.

Through continued innovation with the Muster product, JSG Industrial Systems is becoming an industry-leading supplier of choice to major companies in Australia and overseas.

This article will appear in the November-December issue of Safe to Work.

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