Kal Tire collects top honours for gravity assist system

Kal Tire has been recognised at Electra Mining Africa 2018 for the launch of its technology and innovation, the Gravity Assist System (GAS).

In dealing with torque gun tasks, up until now the support for a 36-kilogram torque gun comes through the sheer strength of a tyre technician. This is associated with safety risks such as pinched fingers, muscle strain and fatigue.

Despite the number of lug nuts contained in an average mining tyre, the GAS renders a torque gun ‘weightless’, making the process much safer, more efficient and precise.

The GAS has received top honours in Electra Mining’s International Mechanical and Technology Innovation category for its simplicity and effectiveness.

South African Capital Equipment Export Council and chief executive Eric Bruggeman said, “For decades, these technicians have been suffering injuries and strains related to managing very heavy tools.

“The GAS is one of those things that makes you say, ‘Why hasn’t this been invented before?'”

Now, Kal Tire’s Innovation Centre in Canada has created several exclusive and patented products – they have been launched and field-tested in Australia, Canada, South America and Africa.

Dan Allan, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group senior vice president, said, “Investing in innovation at Kal Tire means we are developing practical solutions that not only improve the safety of how our teams work, but also provide opportunities for vehicles to spend less time in tyre bays.

“Our intent is to continually invest in innovation that brings new products and solutions to our customers that help to increase efficiency, productivity and safety.”

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