Keeping hot hands cool, dry and productive

MaxiFlex Ultimate has got worker hand comfort covered. Safe to Work reports.

Working in Australia often comes with challenging environmental conditions. The prospect of wearing gloves all day in hot and humid conditions doesn’t hold much appeal for glove users.

Safety Mate national sales manager Wade Roberson recalls dealing with many companies across Australia which have shared a common issue of compliance around keeping gloves on in the working environment.

“When considering hand injuries that occur to lack of hand protection, the question that must be asked is why glove users are not wearing gloves at all times. There are several reasons – the most common are lack of comfort and reduced dexterity. Every user has the same complaint,” Roberson says. “It’s sweat and lack of breathability.

“They want a glove that doesn’t lead to clammy hands. They want a glove that breathes and is comfortable to wear all day.”

This is a common occurrence throughout every industry in Australia.

Given that the skin, the largest organ in the body, regulates its temperature through perspiration, instances of sweaty hands cannot be avoided.

However, the MaxiFlex Ultimate with the AD-APT cooling technology is unlike any glove in the market.

Roberson explains that: “The combination of AD-APT cooling technology and AirTech, which offers 360-degree breathability, ensures the glove is breathable on the coated side as well as on the non-coated side, allowing the heat coming from the working hand to pass out of through the glove.”

The AD-APT cooling technology is activated by the movement of the hands and the increased temperature within the glove, releasing a natural cooling agent onto the hand.

“It works in combination with AirTech, which provides 360-degree breathability to keep hands cool and dry,” says Roberson.

MaxiFlex, as with all ATG gloves, is dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, which serves as a guarantee that it is skin-safe.

In addition, ErgoTech technology used in MaxiFlex produces smooth and rounded fingertips, increasing dexterity for the glove user. The technology mimics the hand at rest, reducing hand fatigue and maximising flexibility and comfort.

“Users can keep the glove on for longer and feel comfortable wearing it because it is ergonomically shaped and matches the hand’s natural shape and form,” Roberson says.

“Comfort will ultimately lead to increased compliance. This in turn will reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and create a safer working environment.”

This article also appears in the January–March 2019 edition of Safe to Work.

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