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Kito hoists: The solution to unnecessary replacements 


Kito415V chain and wire rope hoists come standard with state-of-the-art condition monitoring features, including hour meters and operation counters.

This advanced technology allows for tracking of hoist usage, facilitating timely maintenance based on actual usage rather than arbitrary calendar schedules.

With Kito hoists, you can say goodbye to premature replacements and unexpected downtime, saving both time and money. Our dedication to innovation ensures that your lifting operations run smoothly and efficiently, minimising disruptions, and maximising productivity.

Don’t compromise with outdated hoisting solutions that end up costing you more in the long run. Upgrade to Kito hoists today and witness the difference in performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. It’s time to cease unnecessary hoist replacements with Kito’s advanced monitoring technology.

Kito’s innovative hoists and lifting technologies prioritise safety and efficiency. Since1932, Kito precision-engineered solutions have been trusted globally for heavy lifting across various industries. 

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