Lifting standards with Titan


The word ‘Titan’ brings to mind the Titans in Greek mythology – giant, powerful deities, whose name in the modern era is synonymous with strength and muscle. Whether or not this influenced the naming of Australian company Titan Lifting Technologies, it remains appropriate nonetheless, as the local manufacturer is renowned for its robust stainless steel rigging equipment as well as other products within their range.

According to BSC Product Manager David Malthouse, the Titan precision Stainless Steel gear has a wide range of applications in the food and agricultural industries, and he is enthusiastic about the recent addition of these products to the BSC portfolio. One example he provides is the suitability of the Titan rigging gear to fishing applications.

“Lots of companies use galvanised rigging wire, but the Titan products are specifically stainless steel. Over time, galvanising will degrade and corrode, but stainless steel will not,” he explains. “This Stainless Steel rigging gear can be used on trawlers, fishing boats, fishing nets that attach and drag behind the boat, and the swing arm wiring as well. It lends itself to any marine type of application because it is strong, tough, and the stainless steel material used is marine grade and corrosion-resistant.”

In Tasmania, WebsterBSC are often working with customers in the fishing industry.

“Our guys in Tassie WebsterBSC are heavily involved in helping customers there with rigging. Fishing companies – particularly those with large fish farms – use a lot of rigging gear between their sites,” he elaborates. “Our Hobart staff frequently go out on site to these customers, to calculate and fit their rigging. They also certify and test. This is particularly important, as rigging equipment needs to be recertified periodically to remain compliant with occupational health and safety regulations.”

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